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Investing in napoleonic ambitions.

BlueBrown is an early-stage venture capital fund that source and invest in technology companies run by young innovators.

// Initiatives

Our Core Investment Focus


We Identify early AI technology pioneers

We source exceptional founders through our Venture Scouts rooted in 25+ colleges, and a network of over 500+ leaders in technology.

Seed & Series-A

Identify teams with established track records

We partner with lead investors, using our vast network of 100+ VCs to invest in premier opportunities, rather than leading rounds or setting terms.

Industry Focus

Deep Tech: Artificial Intelligence

We prioritize vision and execution in backing founders, emphasizing AI's transformative role in the future.

Fund of Funds

North American Markets

We invest in early-stage venture funds focusing on DeepTech and Impact Investing in North America. 

// Fund Accelerators

Our Unfair Advantage

Selected by VC Lab and Sutton Capital, we offer unique investment strategies access to valuable networks, and deal flows, setting us apart in the venture landscape.

VC Lab (Cohort 14)

VC Lab (Cohort 14)

200 General Partners (GPs) selected out of 2,500 GPs

Sutton Capital (Cohort of 9)

Sutton Capital (Cohort of 9)

Fund Accelerator guided by Dr. Joel Palathinkal (GP @ Sutton Capital)

BlueBrown Partners[2024]
BlueBrown Partners[2024]
BlueBrown Partners[2024]
// Portfolio

Prior Investments Made by the BlueBrown Team.

// Co-Investors

Co-Investors from Prior Investments.

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Our Strategic Partners.

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// Our Team

Meet the BlueBrown Investors.

Sukone Hong

Managing Partner

Julia Lee, Ph.D.

General Partner

James Tang

General Partner

Soy Choi

Chief Operating Officer

Zijian Ma

Chief Financial Officer

Katie Yoon

Investor & Scout Lead @Stanford

Natalya Vilyavina

Venture Partner

LongWen Yu

Senior Advisor

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Join our community of 100+ venture scouts and invest alongside our investors. Scouts curate portfolios and receive equity compensation for their sourced companies.

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